Thursday 25 February 2010

If I Stay Sequel?

If you haven't stopped by Gayle Forman's website today, you probably should. After last years fantastic release of If I Stay (review here), Forman is following up the story of Adam and Mia's love three years in the future.

What does this mean?
In 2011, the sequel WHERE SHE WENT (I love the title, compliments IIS perfectly) will be on bookstore shelves.

Anyone else excited?

Lastly...the title could mean a multitude of things
  • She meaning Mia?
  • Went? Is this meaning Mia's little trip in the previous book between here and there OR did she go somewhere after the events of IIS? Did she end up attending Julliard? How intense was the probably necessarily physical therapy and surgeries?
  • The title IIS had I in it, which indicated it was from Mia's perspective. Does she mean what I think it does? Who's perspective do you think WSW will be from? If you want to know the answer to that make sure you read the synopsis over at Goodreads and mark it down as a TO-READ.
  • Most importantly...are they together still? True love survives everything... right?
If you want to know more...and I know you do...whip by Gayle's post on this very subject.

2010 has only just begun and I am hanging out for 2011.


Anonymous said...

This is so exciting! I love IIS!!!!! Now all of your questions have got me wondering!!!!!

in which a girl reads said...

If I stay was awesome, so I'm pretty excited by the sequel! Thanks for posting about this, now I can fangirl about it. Hehe :)

Mari - Escape In A Book said...

I just read this a couple of days ago, am so exited about this news =D Loved IIS!