Monday 18 January 2010

Vlog: The 'Ping' Moment (aka When My Brain Almost Broke)

For those of you who have been asking: my necklace is one my mum bought me in Egypt, it (apparently) has my name spelled out in hieroglyphics. That's super cool in my book and I wear it all the time.

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Mari - Escape In A Book said...

Sounds really exiting to get an idea just like that, but frustrating not to be able just to sit down and write it all on paper.

When I watched this vlog I remembered that one time I wanted to be a writer. I remember I borrowed my mums typewriter and wrote stories. I remember I once started a love story, oh what fun it would have been to read that now. I found an old manuscript I'd written about a girl who wanted a horse and her father wouldn't her buy one. In the end she found a pony that had no home so she had to take care of it. No need to point out that I had a period in my life when I LOVED horses LOL.

Ellz said...

How exciting that you got an inspiration PING. Run with it, go write!!! LOL, keep us posted!

Carla said...

That is such a big leap in the right direction!! YAY this is so exciting, I read your piece on Michelles open mic and it was ace!!!

How cool is it when ideas just sort of fall into your head! they are the best kind!