Thursday, 14 January 2010

PSnarkiversary: Mitali from Alley of Books

Mitali is a blogger (<---kicking it in the middle) that I've gotten to know quite well over twitter. She's a late dwelling American so she's on when the Aussies are more twitter-active. She's fun, she's energetic and I swear she reads books faster than Superman.

She's also a bit of a wordsmith...thanks M!

Since Adele is about to embark upon a new journey in her life, I thought to write something for her. ‘An Ode to Adele’ of sorts. But as I sat down with my proverbial quill and ink, I only drew a blank. Well I came up with a few lines. Here they are:

If I knew where to begin,
I wouldn't be describing Adele.
If I successfully describe her,
I'm not sure it would be to a T.

Then I said to myself - that is bad. REALLY bad. You can do better than that. But I don’t know why I couldn’t. So I found myself looking through some of my journals and I found this. And I thought to share with you all. It is an untitled piece that I wrote a while back. Not everyone has been privy to it until now. It seemed fitting. I hope you like it.


What is it that we do in our lives?
What do we try to achieve?

We pursue, we give up.
We persevere, we relent.
We put in effort, we expect results.
But do we get them?
Not always.

We fight, we scream,
We run, we dream.
But do they always come true?
Not really.

What is it that we want?
What is it that we desire?

Is it love?
The sweet drink that conquers all?
Or is it happiness?
The colorless nectar that fills us all?

Is it these two?
Or is it something else?
The something that we look for everywhere
But it eludes us.
We look for answers.
Yet we never find them.

Life is a chain of intricately interconnected events
Some make sense,
Some don’t.
Yet in retrospect,
We try to look for loopholes,
For the should haves and the could haves,
But does it make a difference to who we are now?
Does it make a difference to where we are now?
Today? In the present?
Does it?

We evolve
Every second,
Every minute,
Every hour.

Life changes us.
Sometimes for better,
Sometimes for worse.
We try to maintain some semblance of the norm,
But we can’t.

It’s the law of nature
Nothing is constant.
Everything has to change.

We rebel against it,
We contest it.
Although we know what the outcome will be.

We learn new things.
We don’t forget the old ones though.

We keep the old ones.
We make new.

Life is our guide.
Our candle in the darkness,
Our knight in shining armor.
But it also is the Grinch Who stole Christmas.

It has its upsides
And its downsides
It is up to us to decide
Which one we choose
With a smile and embrace,
Or a frown and disgrace.

So, Adele I hope you will enjoy Japan, take this year to do things differently than you normally do, and experience things you normally wouldn’t. Give up yourself to the magic of Japan and come back every once in a while to share it with us! Because without friends, I’m not sure where the world would be. And I know that I for one will be waiting to hear from you. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. And I wish you good luck in all your endeavors. Those kids are going to have one heck of an amazing year with a teacher like you to teach them! Break a leg!

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