Tuesday, 5 January 2010

PSnarkiversary: Melissa Walker

At this time last year, Persnickety Snark came into existence at the insistence of a snarky, persnickety individual who loved reading, taught English and desperately needed new reading material for her school's library.

My how things have changed...I am snarky, persnickety, more critical than ever, still a teacher but changing locations. No longer will I be one of those few Aussie YA bloggers but a random Aussie YA blogger by way of Japan. Better yet, I have a whole host of mates across the world and I even dipped my toe in the inkwell (that doesn't sound quite right but I will stick with it.)

In celebration of my lovely blog's first anniversary I have asked many authors and bloggers to contribute something on the blog or Aussie YA - after all that has been my intent these many months, to promote the amazing quality of Australian produced YA.

Though the actual milestone falls on the 9th of January I will be posting contributions either side of this day. Why? I am moving to Japan for a year this week and as such will be a little out of circulation. Hence the extravaganza of delight.

My first ever review was of Melina Marchetta's Finnikin of the Rock, which seems very right on many levels. Firstly I wanted to promote the cause of Australian YA authors and Melina is amongst the best. Secondly, she's one of my favourite authors in the world (and a lovely person). Thirdly, fantasy was my Achilles heel at the start of YA reviewing and throughout the year I learned that fantasy can be well written! See the 'persnickety' really suits after all.

I am kicking off a week or so of guest posts with the magnetic Melissa Walker. A big thank you to Melissa for her enthusiastic support of bloggers which never seems to fail. She's proof that if you put positivity and good will out, you get it back in droves. (Can you tell I am smitten?)

Melissa's Lovestruck Summer is a fun read that is sure to make your heart race and your belly rumble with laughter. Her blog is also a great place to check out the evolution of cover art in the YA world.

Tomorrow...Australia's Own Simmone Howell talks about the connection between YA and film.


Michelle B. said...

Congratulations on your blogoversary!! :DD

Marg said...

Happy blogiversary, and good luck with your move to Japan.

Rhiannon Hart said...

Happy bloggyversary!

OMG Japan! So cool! Have lots and lots of fun.

Rhiannon Hart said...

Happy bloggyversary!

OMG Japan! So cool! Have lots and lots of fun.