Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Psnarkiversary: Melina Marchetta (Jellicoe Road)

Fangirl pompoms are able to be rah-ed - beware! Melina Marchetta, Printz winner for Jellicoe Road, graciously wrote this lovely little piece for my PSnarkiversary!

I was asked a year ago to contribute a piece for Adele and because I was tired out after writing a 120,000 word novel, I made the decision back then to write the entry in dot point. So I thought I’d continue the tradition in 2010 in honour of PS’s one year anniversary.

Ten Things I Like about Adele and Persnickety Snark
appropriated by the appropriated Ten Things I Hate about Me by Randa Abdel-Fattah)

  • Because if it wasn’t for blogs like PS I wouldn’t have found out about novels that have gone on to be my favourites.
  • Because she doesn’t put a novel on a pedestal just for being Australian.
  • Because she doesn’t have a cultural cringe against home grown talent.
  • Because when a novel doesn’t appeal to her, she refuses to use cruelty and sarcasm in her reviewing.
  • Because she puts her name to what she has to say rather than hiding behind an anonymous tag. (note: blatant dig at one of the worst blog entries I read this year about “enfeebled heroines” as well as the copious amount of awful awful comments it attracted)
  • Because she’s passionate about choosing the right novels for her students and has probably contributed to some kid’s future love affair with books.
  • Because she made one of her students write a book review on the blog as a sort of quid pro quo
  • Because she thinks Battlestar Galactica is a fracken brilliant show and understands my Starbuck girl crush.
  • Because she introduced me to the word ‘persnickety’ and now I use it to describe anal retentive behaviour and it makes me sound worldly in front of other people.
  • Because her FNL love-fest forced me to invest in buying the first season despite the fact that I have absolutely no interest in American football or what teenagers get up to on a Friday night.

Melina Marchetta is the gifted and award winning author behind fantastic novels such as Looking for Alibrandi, Saving Francesca and Jellicoe Road. Her fantasy novel, Finnikin of the Rock, is in Australian bookstores now with America to follow in March. A big thanks to Melina for taking the time to dot point how wonderful I am (it's not me, it's FNL I swear). You can find her website here.

The cover presented here is the B-format cover for Jellicoe Road. One word...pretty!


April (BooksandWine) said...

Wow, you must feel so fantastic getting love from Melina Marchetta, a PRINTZ WINNER!

Rock on :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Adele on creating this amazing blog. I swear you work solely to buy more books to read. Here's to another great year! I 'heart' Adele =)

Patti said...

Oh that's so nice! Battlestar is exceptionally awesome, I wholeheartedly agree with that point (among others).

Daisy Whitney said...

Well said Melina! I like your bullet points!