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PSnarkiversary: Courtney Summers (Some Girls Are)

It's hard for me to put into words how fantastic I consider Courtney Summers' writing to be and so I won't. I'll let the CYBIL nomination she received earlier this week speak for me. Courtney knows how to use a keyboard to good effect. Her novel Cracked Up To Be was a smashing debut and is highly regarded by the YA blogosphere, her sophomoric title Some Girls Are was released yesterday and is sure to make a similarly big splash!

When Adele asked me if I was interested in writing a guest blog in celebration of Persnickety Snark's one year anniversary, I must admit: I was perplexed. Not that it was already a year since she stepped onto the scene, but that it had only been a year since she stepped on the scene. I mean, it truly gave me pause (and FEW THINGS give me pause, I have decided). A year--really?

I think part of my ???? was due to the fact that, when Persnickety Snark arrived on the Internets, it asserted itself with its thoughtful and wonderful reviews and insights on YA Lit SO WELL, it was as though it had always been here. It's hard to picture a time before it and I can't think of a greater testament to Adele's passion for YA novels and their authors than that.

Adele is also particularly committed to Australian YA authors (with good reason) and in about a year of knowing her, I've watched my Australian YA To-Read List (say that five times fast!) grow. In fact, I just recently finished one of her book recs--Everything Beautiful by Simmone Howell and it was AMAZING. Adele is obviously going to be the first person I consult when it comes to Aussie YAs and I'm hoping when Persnickety Snark's second anniversary rolls around I'll be able to present you with a LONG LIST of YA Aussie Titles Adele has introduced me to that I've loved and what I loved most about them. Until that point, however, I'm going to talk a little about my favourite thing about Adele's blog: the voice.

As an author, you hear a lot about voice. A good novel HAS to have it. A novel IS voice. I think the same goes for bloggers, and what keeps me, personally, coming back to a good blog is the voice. Voice, voice, voice--and what is voice, anyway? The answer to that question is infuriatingly vague: you know it when you see it. You know it when you read it. That said, it was Adele's voice that started me reading her blog and it's Adele's voice that keeps me reading her blog.

So in celebration of Adele's voice I've pulled some quotes from various reviews by her--lines I liked, with a little commentary about why I liked them. Adele, I apologize for putting you under this kind of scrutiny, but how often does an author get the chance to do that to a book blogger? EXACTLY.


And hereee we go....

"War is an ugly business. And let’s face it, it destroys everything and everyone. It’s universal in its destruction, an equal opportunity employer if you will."

- How I Live Now (Meg Rosoff) review

COURTNEY COMMENTARY: You know when you're reading something and you start nodding your head at the beginning of the sentence and you stop when it's done? This line is like that, amirite?

"I needed to read a book like this so bad that I couldn't even put it into words. With an industry over saturated with paranormal inter-species falling in love left, right and centre, it was a welcome change to focus on two relatively normal people."

- Lovestruck Summer (Melissa Walker) review

COURTNEY COMMENTARY: 2009 was a time of MUCH paranormal reading for me. I am now going on a contemporary YA binge just to level off (don't worry paranormal YAs, I am not done with you yet!!!!). As I was filling up my internet shopping cart to high heaven with contemporary YAs, Adele suggested Lovestruck Summer. I immediately went to her review and saw this line and it was like. She saw. Inside. My soul.

"Ryan's writing style is paced slow, the story furls up like paper in a fire and when you're not expecting it, the paper is fully ablaze and mesmerises you."

- The Forest of Hands and Teeth (Carrie Ryan) review

COURTNEY COMMENTARY: Isn't that gorgeous imagery?! You mean I get to read a review and have this gorgeous imagery taking up space in my brain? COURTNEY APPROVES.

"Reading this novel is life being swallowed by a warm, calm wave. It's all encompassing, soothing and moving."

- Saltwater Moons (Julie Gittus) review

COURTNEY COMMENTARY: Again with the gorgeous imagery. What about that line ISN'T fabulous?

"Kostakis' characters are all realistically flawed. It's these flaws, and that of the protagonist, that provide most of the basis of the insults that induced my too-loud cackling. What can I say? I have a mean sense of humour."

- Loathing Lola (William Kostakis) review


Adele, THANK YOU for bringing your unique voice to the blogosophere. THANK YOU for a year of great reviews and fun discussions! Here's to many more!

A big thank you to the fantastical Courtney Summers for her guest blog. Her most recent title, Some Girls Are is available in all bookstores that know what they are talking about. You can check out her website by following this link.

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Lisa Schroeder said...

I love those quotes you pulled, Courtney. I agree, great voice!

Happy anniversary Adele - so glad you are here!