Thursday, 24 December 2009

FIVE Challenge: Re-Reads

FIVE Great Re-Reads

Further explanation of the FIVE Challenge here.

This one is rather simple...books that I actually pushed aside my TBR pile for so I could read them again. This almost never happens...hence why there aren't five books in this list.

GOING TOO FAR - Jennifer Echols (MTV Books)

To talk about this book would be to gush excessively. Why it has not be released in the Australian market I will never know. It's another addictive, brilliantly characterised, plotted and sparky read from Echols. It's worth the purchase for the dialogue alone...or the love interest in uniform - you pick.

My review.

IF I STAY - Gayle Forman (Dutton Juvenille)

I wanted an uplifting cry, not much fits the bill...If I Stay does. I wanted to re-experience the Adam/Mia bond, sit in on that beautiful one sided conversation between Mia and her Grandfather and ultimately see if I was being a sap when I read it the first time...I wasn't.

My review.

A BRIEF HISTORY OF MONTMARAY - Michelle Cooper (Random House Australia / Knopf Books USA)

This beautifully realised book was an exquisite slowly built story of intrigue, romance, bravery, wartime and family. It reminded me in many good ways of I Capture the Castle of which I love in its entirety. It's lush and differently paced. It's a historical exploration of a dysfunctional family living in a dilapidated castle on their island while war swirls around them. Simply divine.

HUNGER GAMES - Suzanne Cooper (Scholastic)

I read it twice - once for myself and second, along with my grade eight English class. It was the assigned text (assigned by moi :) for term 2...they LOVED it. Sadly they did not enjoy the following texts as much but seeing these kids mauling one another for Catching Fire was hysterical.

Tomorrow... FIVE Most Anticipated Titles for 2010



Lara said...

I wish we got books as good as the Hunger Games when I was in high school- if school's actually set texts like that kids might actually get excited about english lessons (or at least not mind them so much lol).

Loving these lists; I've been checking daily for inspiration on what to use my xmas gift cards on!

Alea said...

LOL, I was gonna say... I only see 4 and then I read your note. I would have to agree on these with the 3 I've read!