Tuesday 29 December 2009

FIVE Challenge: Great YA Bloggers

FIVE Great YA Bloggers

Word of mouth is the best way to discover new bloggers that otherwise you may not have come across. I have selected five bloggers who review in a way that I really respond to as a reader.

Further explanation of the FIVE Challenge here.

**Rhiannon is a blogger who reviews mainly dystopian titles and details her own adventures as a writer. She writes cohesive reviews that really breakdown her thoughts on a book and why she did (or didn't) respond to the author's work.

Her discussion posts are great too. Today for example, she posted on the use of swearing in fantasy titles. She's also a huge fan of Tamora Pierce's work and her comments on other people's blogs are always thoughtful and specific. There are no token posts on this blog, every one of them is a great read.

**Steph won Best Writing this year at the BBAW awards this year and it was well deserved. Steph is a critical reviewer who will always share her thoughts on the book without sugar coating it or being nasty either. She's got a very specific point of view that really gels with me as an reader as well as a sprinkling of humour which I always appreciate.

More than anything Steph is really comprehensive in all that she does. This week alone, her 2009 Book Lists demonstrate how much she loves YA and how much she wants you to find the right book to love too. Steph's my go-to gal for YA reviewing.

**Khy is well known in the blogosphere for her magnificent bangs and enviable book store signing appearances. She's one of the most supportive and accessible bloggers on the web and an absolute sweetie. Most importantly she's smart and she's the intended audience for YA...that's right, she's a teen!

Khy's blog is fun as she reviews with a generous perspective but also pinpoints what she takes issue with. Her reviews are always a fun read with healthy doses of humour and reality checks. Her author interviews are great fun - she asks questions that would never occur to me but that I am always grateful to read their responses to.

**I was late to the game with this fantastic duel operated blog but I am so glad I've found it. The sheer volume of great features they have on offer is like manna from the heavens. I am pretty fond of their joint reviews but I know regardless of author (Ana or Thea), the review will comprehensively discuss the book regardless of whether they enjoyed it or not. Their Smugglivus series of guest posts has been unbelievably enjoyable this month and my to-buy list has quadrupled in size because of it. They are doing great things to heighten the visibility of authors and their work on a grander scale.

What I love most about Ana and Thea's blog is that I can very easily imagine myself hearing their reviews and being part of the discussion. Sure I'd rather be sitting somewhere sunny with wine glasses in our hands but reading their posts is nearly as enjoyable and I come away informed, enthusiastic and genuinely amused.

**Jocelyn from Teen Book Review is the grandmother of YA book reviewing (she's not even out of her teen years) and was one of my first entry points into this crazy world. Jocelyn might not have posted in a long while, I assume she's living it up at university (I don't blame her) but she's been a huge inspiration.

Why am I mentioning someone who no longer blogs? Easy - Jocelyn wrote beautiful, critical reviews. People respected her perspective whether bloggers, authors or publishers. She was always gracious and was the prime example of what I would like to be as a blogger myself. In writing this blog I found that she'd finally posted after a nine month absence and has a new blogging endeavour underway.

Tomorrow... FIVE Miracles that occurred for me to enjoy Fantasy.


Khy said...

:D:D:D:D YAY!! I am honored to be among such great company, and to have you say such lovely things, Awesome Aussie Adele. :D

April (BooksandWine) said...

The only blog on the list I haven't read is Jocelyn's.

Your top five are among my favorites as well. I think they consistently provide great content, insight, and quality.

Lauren said...

Great choices. I like / liked all of those, but Rhiannon and Steph in particular would definitely make my top five too. I really should check out Khy's blog and the Smugglers more frequently. (Yay, New Year's Resolution number three hundred and fifty!)

Rhiannon Hart said...

Oh wow!! Thanks so much for listing me and I'm in such great company. I read all these current blogs, and I'm sure I read teen book review when it was running.


(Blog hug, hehe)

prophecygirl said...

Great picks Adele! I love reading all of these blogs, though I'm quite new to Book Smugglers too. :)

jonyangorg said...

Awesome picks and I love the series you're doing!

Daisy Whitney said...

I read Steph and Khy regularly and love them. Will check out the others too!

Steph Su said...

Ohmygoodness. I'm absolutely FLABBERGASTED to be on this list. Really don't even know what to say. This coming from you, one of my favorite and most respected bloggers, means so much. You are also on my Top 5 as well!

Blugs all around! (Rhiannon, I do believe you're starting a new trend, LOL!)

Lenore Appelhans said...

I absolutely agree with all 5 of your picks. I wish Jocelyn would return to blogging. I really miss her reviews.

Ana said...

OH wow, thank you so much! I love Steph Su, Frenetic Reader and Rhiannon as well, and will now have to check Teen Book Review as well (I feel like I should have known about this one!) .

: D