Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Congrats Beautiful Creature Gals!

Two vlogs in one week, aren't you lucky? - - Well this one is not so much of a vlog as a BIG CONGRATS.

Congrats Kami & Margie from Persnickety on Vimeo.

If you'd like to read more about Kami and Margie's fantastic news then you can read about it at Variety or EW.com.

The book's site can be found here.

**Excuse the eye baggage, it's been an exceedingly long day. Also, having seen screen shots of all my vlogs so far I realise I'm Queen of the Cardigan- bow before me!


Anonymous said...

A MOVIE DEAL!!!! Sigh. Could this day get ANY BETTER!

Great Vlog :)


brizmus said...

YAY! A movie! go them!

Noella said...

WOW That's awesome! Also, 5-books in the series? :O I wonder how long it will take them to write, since BC is already so lengthy!

Unknown said...

WOW that's soo excited - I am sooo happy for them, could NOT have happened to greater people! :)

Reverie said...

EEK ur so cute! :P

YAY BC- World Domination phase one! lol

mstohl said...

Adele you are such a sweetheart! I swear one day I am getting myself on a plane and coming down under JUST TO SEE YOU!!! xoxo

Daisy Whitney said...

You are a sweetie to do a congrats vlog! I am reading Beautiful Creatures now. So good!