Friday 30 October 2009

FNL Week - Korianne from Korianne Speaks

Korianne is one of the newbies that has found FNL through the wonders of the YA blogosphere. Here are her thoughts on the show....

Hello Snarkateers! It's Korianne here from Korianne Speaks! I am a FNL newbie but that does in no way mean I love it less than the hardcore fans! I started watching FNL on a dare from Jordyn earlier this year. She sent me Season 1 on DVD and I gobbled it up. That's sort of an odd thing for me. I have a hard time watching TV shows usually. Don't get me wrong, I like my TV, but I just can't do schedules. So I had seen previews of FNL a few years back but never thought I would watch it much less like it.

In one weekend I would go from casual watcher to HARDCORE FNL ADDICT. I watched the entire first season in 1 sitting. I only got up to grab food and go to the bathroom. Yeah, that's right in the span of 2 days I did not shower. What I do for the love of a TV show. But I couldn't tear my eyes away! I started out watching and texting poor Jordyn my thoughts. Most of them were along the lines of, "Riggins is an idiot." "Tyra is a bitch." "I heart Matt." "I don't care if Matt is 'yours', I now claim him." "OMG Street! I hope he's ok." "Lyla, give it up. You are just annoying.": "lol Landry lol." While I loved the first episodes I just needed to dissect them, decide who to root for, and figure out this strange game Americans call football. Wait... I'm American... I don't understand football... My dad used to be a coach, I still don't get it. OH THE HORROR!

But about half way through season 1 I put down all the guardrails and let my heart sink deep into the characters. Their emotions were my emotions. I wanted to go to see Tami Taylor at the councilors office for my problems. I saw past the fronts the characters had put up. Riggins wasn't just the drunk on the football team. Tyra wasn't just a slut. Lyla wasn't just a spoiled little girl. Julie wasn't such a goody goody. They were my friends. I was going to defend them to the end. Even when I was mad at their decisions I was still rooting for them to end up on top.

I had Jordyn rush ship Season 2 to me. A few weeks later I did the same ritual as I had for Season 1. Even dragging Kendall, my sister, in to watch a few episodes. It was lovely as expected. I rushed to the computer when Jordyn told me Season 3 was on for the next week only to be disappointed when it had already been taken down. I did find a site that lets me watch Season 3 but the buffering is killer so I am working through that season rather slowly. But here's a little update on my rooting. I am rooting for Landry & Tyra big time. Matt & Julie could go either way but I still want to see both of them happy regardless. I'm sort of over my Matt crush but occasionally it creeps back up. For some reason I can't decide if I like Riggins & Lyla or not. Perhaps it's because I want Riggins for myself! *insert shocked face* Yeah, I want the man I called an idiot. I ALWAYS FALL FOR THE BAD BOY DAMMIT! I think Siobhan Vivian sums up my feelings when she says, "I dream of cheating on my boyfriend Matt Saracen with Riggins. *bites finger* I'm so bad!" But I am glad Lyla & Jason didn't end up together. Oh, and I am rooting on Baby Grace to end up with Baby Noah, because that would be stinkin' cute.

Alrighty boys and girls I am off to go fantasize about Riggins kissing me... I mean I'm off to class.

P.S. my phone just rang. Yeah, it's the FNL theme song. Be jealous.

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Anonymous said...

Oh ALL THE FANGIRLING. I love this post!!!

"Yeah, that's right in the span of 2 days I did not shower." Really, though, who needs to worry about bathing themselves when you have FNL episodes to watch.