Tuesday, 27 October 2009

FNL Week - Jordyn from Ten Cent Notes

There are only a handful of Friday Night Lights-loving fans within the YA Twitter community and Jordyn is one of the more vocal. We have been known to have neverending twitter conversations about how freaking awesome it really is. Here's Jordyn to tell you why teens should be watching it.

Oh, Friday Night Lights. If you haven't seen this show yet, I don't even want to speak to you until you give it a try. And if you've given it a try and you don't like it, well... shame. on. you.

Why do I love this show so much? Why should EVERYONE give themselves a chance to love this show just as much as I do?


1. Football!
I personally love football and have a huge affinity for high school football in particular. However, as many others have said, even if you don't like football, even if you don't know anything about the game, you're not going to be lost. Trust me, knowing what a field goal is does not matter when it comes to understanding the show.

2. Coach Taylor is incredible.
As a coach, as a dad, as a husband, and as a character. His relationship with his wife (the adorable Tammy) is, from my teenage perspective, insanely sweet and true-to-life. Plus, he's the kind of coach that makes me wish I'd played sports in school just to have a coach/mentor like him.

3. There are really great guys.
Okay, I know everyone is swooning over Riggins for reasons I can't quite understand. (Ladies: he gets drunk before practice, and his hair is much too long to be attractive on a guy.) But Riggins is not the only guy on this show. There's also Matt (omg, Matt.), the sweet, artsy quarterback (yes, I said artsy quarterback) with a crush on the coach's daughter. And, of course, Jason Street, who's pretty much exactly the sort of good guy every parent wants their daughter to find. And he manages to pull it off without being boring.

4. Oh, and speaking of great guys, did I mention Landry?
I have a thing about Landry. The thing is that he's awesome.

5. It's real. And it's really emotional.
The characters, while undeniably attractive, actually look and speak and have emotions like real people. They're so much more than pretty faces and nearly every episode ends with me way emotionally involved. This show just tugs at the heartstrings.

8. The writing!
Omg the writing! Gahhh!!! Best. Ever! I don't even have words for it. Everything about the writing on this show, from the dialogue to the plots and subplots to the characters and their development is insanely perfect. I honestly didn't think it was possible for a show to be so spot-on, but Friday Night Lights manages it and makes it look easy. It's insane, amazing, incredible, etcetera.

9. Everything. Every. single. thing. This show is just brilliant and I can't explain its brilliance with mere words. You must watch it. You must.

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Anonymous said...

Landry is my third favorite! HOORAY FOR SMART NERDS! Also HOLLA for the white guy black girl kiss! Yeah, I know that sounds lame but come on, you almost NEVER see that on television. Minority interracial kissing FTW.

Anonymous said...

PS thank you for including the picture of MATT SARACEN.