Tuesday 29 September 2009

Reader's Snapshot - Kathy Charles + CONTEST

Kathy Charles' debut novel, Hollywood Ending, made a big impression on me and I am ecstatic to have interviewed her about the book and her 'death hag' status.

For those of you not in the know, Hollywood Ending, tells the story of orphaned Hilda - her obsession with dead celebrities and her burgeoning relationship with senior citizen Hank all set in grimy LA. It's spectacularly dark, fun and honest.

Kathy Charles, welcome to reader’s snapshot!

Which book is memorable from your teen years?
‘Of Mice and Men’ by John Steinbeck is a novel that shook me to my very core. I was thirteen when I read it and I remember sobbing all night over the shattering climax. It’s a short, devastating read that takes no prisoners. I also devoured Stephen King novels (like most teens), and my favorites were ‘Carrie’ and ‘Pet Sematary’.

Describe your high school English teacher in three words...
Encouraging. Passionate. Mysterious.

Your book of the moment?
I just finished reading ‘Michael Jackson: The Magic and The Madness’ by J. Randy Taraborrelli and it really challenged my perception of who Michael Jackson was. I have to say that after reading this book I feel less sympathy for Michael Jackson than I used to. It paints a pretty damning portrait of his bizarre life and inappropriate behaviour. He was an amazing performer but a very damaged individual.

What do you use to mark your page when reading?
I have an assortment of bookmarks on my bedside table. I have quite a few of the complimentary bookmarks from Book Soup, a bookstore on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood that I always visit when I’m in Los Angeles. I also have a bookmark with a gorgeous pug dog on it that my Mum gave me. I have a pug called Tubs so whenever my family see something with a pug on it they immediately buy it for me.

Favourite place to read?
On the couch with Tubs on my lap and the sun streaming through the windows.

Favourite word?

Favourite book store?
Book Soup in Los Angeles. It has a section dedicated entirely to books about Los Angeles, and is a great place to see celebrities. I dream of having a book signing there one day.

Character you wish you had created?
Patrick Bateman from ‘American Psycho’ by Bret Easton Ellis.

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Later in the week Kathy will be back to tell us more about her novel but in the meantime, how about winning a copy of Hollywood Ending? (For those of you in the States, this will be a chance to get the book many months ahead of schedule) For your chance to win....tell me which celebrity death fascinates you and why. Remember to include your email address and ensure you are a follower.

All entries need to be in by Friday, 2nd of October and can be from anywhere in the world. Be original!


Unknown said...

Hi :)
Thank you for the great interview.
And thanks for sharing Kathy.
I'm most fascinated with the death of Marilyn Monroe because of the mystery & cover-up involved with it.
All the best,
PS - Email's in my Blogger Profile.

Jordan Perryman said...

This book sounds so amazing and the interview was good too.
I think one of the most fascinating celebrity deaths that I think of is Michael Jackson, but after that it would be Heath Ledger! I was so devistated when he died and then when I found out how and that one of the Olsen twins was supposedly involved.. I was very interested in that because I LOVE almost all of his movies.
Thanks for the opportunity to win this great book.


I am a follower

Cecelia said...

I'm going to go with Heath Ledger as well. He was just so...young! And I'd been forced to watch him act so many times (Ten Things I Hate About You and A Knight's Tale, anyone?). Anyway, that was a shock.

Please enter me for the book giveaway. I follow already. :)


prophecygirl said...

Thanks for this, Adele - the book sounds brilliant! Great interview too!

I am quite fascinated by JFK's death - who did it, how he got through security, why there are pictures of him after he died that have clearly been doctored (to cover something up?)

If he isn't classed as a celebrity, I would go with River Phoenix or Heath Ledger. Heath's is still a bit of a mystery as to what went on, and River's is just a very unfortunate accident.



Unknown said...

Wow, this book looks intense.
I'm fascinated by Jonathan Brandis's death. I know it was a long time ago now, but he was so young, and it's just so sad.
Is what they say about his acne medication causing him to become suicidal actually true?
And to hang yourself - ick! You'd have to be really desperate.
It really just seems like a tragedy to me.

Anyhow, I am definitely a follower.

zedster.tbb (at) gmail (dot) com

Jo said...

Awesome interview!

The death of Elvis, or rather people's beliefs around his death, fascinates me; so many people seem to have different ideas - he died, he's still alive, etc. Especially those who genuinely believe that he's still alive. Faith like that is pretty awesome.

I follow you :)

Email: joannestapley[at]googlemail[dot]com

Lisa Slopek (Lisa Sinkko) said...


Love the interview with Kathy Charles. The death that has fascinated me the most is the death of William Desmond Taylor on February 1, 1922. Taylor was a director for the Famous Players-Lasky; He's been called everything between a Lothario to a closeted gay man. Everything about his Murder was either covered up and/or unsolved. It was revealed that Taylor led a double life Taylor was really William Dean Tanner who had Vanished from his home leaving behind a wife and daughter. so many motives and suspects from family members to hollywood royalty of the day. Why was he murdered? who did it, what was the motive?

We will never know... and it will forever be one of those Hollywood Mysteries in the History Books.

Lisa Sinkko

Llehn said...

I am fascinated by Brandon Lee's death because it was just so tragic and senseless. And the fact that his father Bruce Lee died in mysterious circumstances further piqued the fascination for the Lee family curse.


Orchid said...

Fascinating review!
Celebrity death: Patsy Cline's death, she died in a plane crash. Why? Because I've always wondered if she would have been as popular if she hadn't died so early on in her career. Plus she's one of my favorite singers. :)

hauntingorchid (at) aol (dot) com

Anonymous said...

For me, it was Princess Diana. I've always admired her and bawled my eyes out when I heard she had died. I remember exactly where I was when I heard, what I was doing and what time of the day it was.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Are we meant to say we follow because I do. and I really want to read this. It sounds amazing and I love the cover.

As for whose death fascinates me...I'd have to say Kurt Cobain.

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

Jonnie (JB) said...

I would have to say Brandon Lee as well. The Crow was my favorite movie when I was younger, so I became very interested in the story of Brandon's death.

Khy said...

THIS BOOK SOUNDS SO GOOD. =0 I am always up for books set in LA.

And I hope she does a signing at Book Soup one day! I've never been there but I would so go to see her (and to get an I <3 Adele sign) :D

Briana said...

This book looks really great! And I've been wanting to go to Book Soup for a longgg time. :(

Anyway, since I'm absolutely obsessed with Marilyn Monroe, she would be my answer. Generic, yeah- but I love her!


Melanie said...

I think that Marilyn Monroe would have to be my answer as well. It's definitely intriguing!