Wednesday 23 September 2009

International YA Blogger Celebration: Lenore from Germany

Name: Lenore
Country: Germany
Blog: Presenting Lenore

Your Favourite YA title: Three way tie between The Hunger Games, If I Stay and Dust of 100 Dogs. All three take an amazing premise and then hit the execution out of the park.
Favourite New Find: Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. It doesn’t come out until March and I’m not yet that far into it, but WOW!
Bookstore of Choice: In Frankfurt, the Hugendubel English Bookshop on Hauptwache. I go in there at least once a week.
Author blog you are most likely to be found stalking: Beth Kephart and Diana Peterfreund

Book Blogging from Germany
Best thing about being from Germany:

Well, I’m not from Germany, but the best thing about living here is being at the center of Europe and getting to travel to cool places.

How accessible are international YA titles in Germany:

You don’t see that many English language YA titles in the book stores here, so usually I have to special order, and that is really only affordable if the title has a UK edition (most English language books in the stores are the UK editions). So I actually get most of my YA when I am in the US. My suitcases take a real beating!

What is the state of YA literature in your country?
Germany has built up a great YA fantasy tradition with authors like Michael Ende (The Neverending Story) and Cornelia Funke (Inkheart). A newer fantasy author who is quite popular is Nina Blazon, whose novel Fawn Blood was voted one of the top fantasy titles of last year. It is not yet available in English, but her novel The Pack of the Wolves was published in Canada, Australia and England.

Alexa Henning von Lange writes a lot of edgy realistic fiction with topics like anorexia and frank descriptions of teen sexuality.

And then of course there is a ton of international YA in translation – popular ones include Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies series, the Twilight series, Harry Potter of course. Oh and I’ve recently been seeing Michelle Zink’s Prophesy of the Sisters everywhere!

Best thing about YA blogging:
Getting to interact with all these super creative and genuinely nice authors. It is so inspiring.

YA blogs that you would recommend from Germany:
I don’t know of any!

Lenore kindly contributed all the way from her adopted home of Germany and tomorrow we have Liyana from Singapore dropping by for a chat!

Other fabulous international bloggers:


prophecygirl said...

Yay for Lenore! I'm so jealous you're reading Before I fall - it sounds amazing!

Agree with you about The Hunger Games and If I Stay as well, both are brilliant books. :)

Rhiannon Hart said...

Hunger Games rocks and If I Stay is on my floor (the official TBR pile location), and can't wait for it.

Lenore is one of the loveliest, most supportive bloggers I know! Great interview Adele.

brizmus said...

What a great interview!
I love this international blogger thing you're doing.

Beth Kephart said...

We love Lenore. We just do.

Lenore Appelhans said...

Awww! Thank you dears. Yes - BEFORE I FALL is amazing. I'll have a pre-review of it up tomorrow. Seriously one of my all time faves.

Unknown said...

That was so interesting. I don't know what else to say, just riveting.

Michelle Zink said...

After you, Lenore was my first introduction to the Intl. blogging community. And what fantastic contributors you both are!

Lenore's reviews are always thought-provoking and thorough, and always make a point to stop by and read them - even when I don't have time to leave a comment.

Nice interview!

Anonymous said...

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