Monday, 21 September 2009

Death Hags with Kathy Charles

Today the lovely Kathy Charles (author of Hollywood Ending) was interviewed on Australia's "9am with David & Kim" show. Follow this link to see her thoughts on "death hags", her US book deal and John Belushi. You have to watch to just see the male host get increasingly excited, exposing his own death hag tendencies.

Kathy's debut novel is a spectacular read as Stephanie Kuehnert espouses "dark and disturbing the way good books should be. Unlike any other YA". If you'd like to read my thoughts on this fantastic novel then you can find my review here. Lucky for you all, Kuehnert's publisher MTV Books has purchased the distributing rights for this novel so you can get your greedy hands on it from 2010.

What's Hollywood Ending all about...? Pink haired Hilda and endearing punk Benji, both seventeen, have an obsessive hobby—they haunt the places where Hollywood celebrities have died.

In rundown Echo Park, once the hub of the movie business, they find the squalid apartment where a second-rate silent movie star stabbed himself to death with nail scissors. Its current tenant is Hank, an old man with a mysterious past.

While Benji dives deeper into the cult of celebrity death, Hank and Hilda make an unlikely pair. Then Jake the screenwriter turns up. What’s his story?

Kathy will be with me next week on the blog with an interview on her debut novel, I will also be running a competition for the book. Make sure you check in next week!

For those of you wanting some more info on the dark subject matter of this novel, take a look at these "death hag" excursions that Kathy recorded in LA.


Steph Bowe said...

I have been meaning to get Hollywood Ending for about a month. As soon as I get through my to-read pile, I'm definitely buying it.

Unknown said...

Hi :)
Thank you for bringing HOLLYWOOD ENDING to my attention.
It sounds intriguing.
All the best,
PS - Thanks for the vlogs too!