Saturday, 22 August 2009

Eyes Like Stars Faeries Interview Adele

BERTIE sits down and adjusts her cats' eye glasses while consulting a clipboard. The fairies zoom in with a variety of licorice whips, caramel popcorn balls, and pie.

BERTIE: Off the top of your head, what are the three most memorable characters of books you've read in 2009?
Ooh that's tough but I definitely have a yen for bad boys and snarky offsiders but these are my favourites -
  • Jules from Lili Wilkinson's Pink- he's proudly gay and as blunt as a kick in the shins. He's fabulous.
  • Amy from Elizabeth Scott's Love You Hate You Miss You - a wonderfully crafted conflicted Miss Independent.
  • Elaine from Lisa Ann Sandell's Song of the Sparrow (published in 2007 but I read it this year) who is strong, caring, courageous and written in beautiful prose.
MOTH: What's your favorite kind of dessert?
Pecan question.

MUSTARDSEED: Do toilets flush backwards where you are?
To be honest, I haven't really thought about it. I have heard that the flush direction is determined by the shape of the bowl. I guess the real question is - how do Australian toilet bowls differ from their American counterparts? :)

PEASEBLOSSOM: What kind of corset would you wear, if we put you in one?
Something stripey and fabulous.

COBWEB: How much wood CAN a woodchuck chuck?
What exactly is a woodchuck and what is chucking? In Australia chucking is something that is done after some bad takeout. So if the woodchuck has been gnawing considerable tree trunks then I suppose he is chucking an awful lot!


Thanks to Lisa Mantchev, author of Eyes Like Stars, for devising this interview. You can find Lisa at her blog, website and the official website for the Theatre Illuminata series.


Reverie said...

ROFL wood chuck! LOL awww u guys are silly

Thao said...

That question toilet flush is so weird.I enjoyed the interview nevertheless.

Book Butterfly (Kim) said...

This was too cute!! I loved it!!!

Kim :)