Tuesday 28 July 2009

Inkys Judging Panel

The Centre of Youth Literature's website, Inside a Dog, is heading up the Inky Awards for another year. Today the profiles of all six judges for 2009 can be found on the website.

It's a great opportunity for the public to learn more about the individuals that comprise the panel. For me, it's a chance to learn about the three other judges who I haven't spoken to as yet. I have been lucky enough to meet the divine James Roy and email with Steph so I could count two off my list.

I have to admit they are a handsome and stylish bunch, I feel like a bit of a Screech in comparison :) It was also slightly mortifying to discover that I did the teacher thing and wrote all my answers in sentence form with (probably) too much info. Sigh.

Head on over and check out the Inky judge profiles for 2009!


Thao said...

I just checked out your profile, love the picture, you look so cute. And I'm a big fan of 10 things I hate about you too, the movie rockssss~~

Adele said...

Awww thanks Thao, hats automatically make me 100% more cute than before :) 10Things is one of my faves, glad you have impeccable taste also :P

Lisa Mantchev said...

Your profile reads brilliantly.

And... er... not because you mentioned ELS. XD