Friday, 10 July 2009

48 Hour Challenge

I am taking part in the 48 Hour Challenge over at the YA Reads Forum....It's my first proper challenge and I am a little nervous though I have no idea why. My main intent it to make a dent in my continuing to blossom TBR pile of doom.

The challenge started at 3pm today and I didn't start until 6pm - great start eh?

But there are many books I am hoping to churn through:
  • Beastly - Alex Flinn (read this evening)
  • Knife - RJ Anderson (ditto)
  • Once - Morris Gleitzman
  • The Agency: A Spy in the House - YS Lee
  • So Lyrical - Trish Cook
  • ...they are all up for debate, it's what I grab in the moment.
We'll see how I go as I fully intend to sleep regularly.

Two down...many to go :)

Wish me luck.


Steph Bowe said...

good luck!

prophecygirl said...

Good luck Adele! I would have taken part if I didn't work all weekend :(