Thursday 18 June 2009

Prophecy of the Sisters Book Trailer

Prophecy of the Sisters from Vania S on Vimeo.

This is one of those circumstances where writing talent meets visual talents to create an explosion of awesomeness. What I wouldn't give to write like Michelle or use a camera like Vania. BRAV-freaking-O!


Reverie said...

WOW!!!! Thanks SO much for the wonderfully kind words. *blushes*

But Thanks to Michelle for inspiring it, right?

Busy Bookblogger said...

Wow! This wasn't a book I would normally run out and grab but after seeing that beautiful trailer I think I am going to have to pick it up asap!!!

Great job Vania!

Michelle Zink said...

Thanks so much for posting about my trailer, Adele! I live in awe of Vania's talent!