Thursday 11 June 2009

Moon Landing / Richard Platt & David Hawcock

Review - Space isn’t something that interests me terribly but when I saw Moon Landing I have to admit to being a tad over excited. It’s an amazing resource for children on all things space related. A great mix of facts, diagrams, statistics, labels and quotes pepper its pages. Combine this with great tracts of information, written in clear (but not condescending) language and the amazing pop ups and Walker have a winner. The pop ups aren’t just for show, though they are beautifully drawn and engineered. They all help the reader to understand the various aspects of space travel; from the role of the moon module to the astronaut’s clothing. The information ranges from previous space missions, the first landing on the moon and how astronauts are chosen. Let’s be honest, it’s always fun to see some information about bodily functions in space!

The great choice of factual information combined with the gorgeous, detailed illustrations (usually in the form of pop ups) make this a great resource, sure to excite kids on the wonders of space. It’s also a great way to commemorate the fortieth year anniversary of man on the moon. Having had a gaggle of excitable year five students pouring over it for the past thirty minutes, I can attest to this one being a hit with the young. Simply put, Moon Landing is freaking awesome.

This book is cool. The pop up pictures are very detailed and it has a lot of information about everything in space.” M, Aged 10.

Published: 2008
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Walker Books Australia
Origin: UK

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