Friday, 26 June 2009

Guest Vlog - Elizabeth Scott

I like playing head games...and so does Elizabeth Scott.

You can play too - what do you think these words or expressions mean:
  • Adam's ale
  • barney
  • cobber
  • budgie smugglers
  • ocker
  • struth
  • ta
  • a few Kangaroos loose in the top paddock
I will post the answers in a couple of days, which will make Elizabeth and your answers all the more hilarious!

Elizabeth Scott's Love You Hate You Miss You is out in bookstores now, along with Something, Maybe. You can check out Elizabeth's website here.

Thank you so much to Elizabeth for taking the time to answer my questions through email and vlog this week. Big hugs!


Charity and Darcy said...

Elizabeth Scott is amazing but she's also the first person I've ever heard of that doesn't like pumpkin pie.

Here are my guesses:
Adam's Ale - I agree with ES. Sounds like apple juice to me.
Barney - a boy?
Cobber - to take something w/o asking?
Budgie Smugglers - Budgies are birds, right? So I think ES might be correct. You could smuggle a couple of birds in a bra...but it would tickle.
Ocker - In the US we have a word - hocker, that means to spit with force. Ew, is that what an ocker is?
I agree with ES on the last three.
This was fun!


Joey JoJo said...

Adam's Ale - Never heard of it?
Barney - an arguement
Cobber - a mate (friend; now old fashioned sadly
Budgie Smugglers - short swimming trunks for men that snuggly fit around the men's ???? Looks like a budgie (bird) is tucked into the swimmers.
Ocker - An Australian (real old fashioned one)
Struth - Exclamation! Strewth! Look at that!
Ta - Thanks
Kangaroos loose... - a bit crazy

Well done on a great effort Elizabeth!

Anonymous said...

So what are the answers? Inquiring minds want to know!

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