Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Catching Fire Predictions

As some of you may know, I am a grade eight English teacher.  My class has just finished reading Suzanne Collins'  Hunger Games and are very excited about the soon-to-be-released, Catching Fire.  

One of my tasks for the class, was to write a number of predictions for the sequel - both what they think will happen and what they'd like to happen.  At this point not one of them had read the summary of this novel.  I will be posting some of their predictions through the week.

Moose's Predictions:
  1. My first prediction is that the new book will be put in Prim’s point of view and how Prim was able to live while Katniss was gone. So it happens in the same time as The Hunger Games, except a different point of view. But not the whole book will be like this. Half will be when Katniss left to the Games and then Suzanne will take it away from there. 
  2. My second prediction is that Katniss’ mother will die or be taken away for depression. Saying this, Prim and Katniss will go to the community house. This will really turn their life upside down. But at least Katniss only has to look after Prim then.
  3. Number three is that Gale and Katniss will be caught hunting in the woods. Unfortunately, they will get a public whipping. This could scar Katniss and Prim for the remainder of their lives.
  4. My number four prediction is that when Katniss and Peeta go around the Districts for their victory tour, Katniss will meet Rue’s mother in District eleven. She will have a long talk to her about Rue’s death. 
  5. My number five prediction is that Haymitch will try his best to sober up. Once he will succeed in doing this, he will help Katniss and Peeta take care of the tributes. Haymitch is smart but a lot of the time does not use it to his advantage. 
  6. My number six prediction is that Katniss may become engaged to a boy from District 12. One of the ones that like her - I include Peeta and Gale and I would highly fancy them to get her. 
  7. For my number seven prediction, I think because Katniss and Peeta played with the Capitol to win the Games, the Capitol may try and assassinate them. They will not succeed, but this will start a very big rebellion against the Capitol. The Dark Days number two in other words. 
  8. For number eight, I think Katniss will return to District twelve and go to one of her favourite places in the Hob. But once she goes there, she finds it closed down because the officials found it as a hazard to the community. But since when did the Capitol care about the Districts?
  9. One of the biggest predictions that I have is that the Hunger Games will be stopped because of the rebellion Katniss and Peeta started. I think the people in the Districts will be happy, but the Gamemakers and the Capitol will be spewing from this outcome. They will be FUMING!
  10. For my last prediction, I say that another District will be wiped out, exactly like District thirteen. The Capitol will think we stopped the Hunger Games, but the people still need to be warned that we are not starting to go soft on the people. I think it is very likely to happen. 
I guess we'll see how accurate these predictions are in the next few weeks as people read their much beloved, BEA swag!  Thanks to Moose for allowing me to post his ideas....more to come.


Liyana said...

That's a great number of predictions, and amazing ones at that! I'm a Katniss=Peeta fan btw. :D

a flight of minds said...

:O You read The Hunger Games in english class? Lucky. I wish I had a teacher like you. My eigth grade english class was a joke. Interesting predictions!

- Alex

Natalie Hatch said...

Well I don't know what's going to happen, but I'm waiting for this one, and the second in the Graceling story... Need to snaffle an ARC for the blog.

Anonymous said...

Those are very clever predictions. I've read Catching Fire and four of them come true (at least partially)!

H said...

From the blurb, I'd guess some of those predictions are pretty accurate!

Once again, I think you may be one of the coolest english teachers ever!

Anonymous said...

Interesting predictions. I can't wait to find out which ones are true!

Anonymous said...

Interesting predictions. I can't wait to find out which ones are true!

Unknown said...

i predict that the capitol is really mad at katniss... they saw the berry popping as rebellion, so they try to wipe her and peeta out (possibly by sending her back into the games, and making her death look accidental?). and i also think that district 13 isn't wiped out.... but really a secret colony underground... a free world..... and that the capitol is producing the same footage each year of the district, trying to trick everyone into thinking that nothing is there.... hmm....
can't wait for it to come out!