Sunday 10 May 2009

Surprise / Karen Andrews

Summary - Hamish, Alice, Meg and Thomas are four very different children with one thing in common - they love surprises!

And you'll love yours at the end of the story.

Review - Written by the fantastic blogger/twitterer, Karen Andrews, and illustrated by Kim Fleming, Surprise! is a little different than my normal review fare. (Hence I haven't given it a rating, just a review). I read many picture books to young kids so I know what kids respond to.

This picture book has many elements that kids will enjoy. Lots of dialogue so I can make the most of my repertoire of horrific voices. A plethora of characters that represent the different cultures that are typical of classrooms. Some crafty mentions of the book within the book. Lastly, a great guessed it, Surprise! at the end of the book.

This book is great fun as it makes sport of borrowing and returning books, something we all should be encouraging from a very young age. Even better there's a cool little fold on the back page so kids can leave a surprise (in this case, a drawing) for the next borrower.

Love it!

Published: 2009
Format: Picture book
Publisher: Miscellaneous Press
Origin: Australia
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Susan @ Reading Upside Down said...

I have a copy of this book and think that it is a lovely picture book for young children.

I also think that it has great potential for use in a kindergarten classroom or library class. Lots to talk about with feelings, spending time with special people and obvious drawing activities that can be linked to reading the book. I've recommended it to my children's school librarian.

Karen (miscmum) said...

Dear Adele (and Susan!) Thanks so much for your kind comments; they are exactly what I was wanting to achieve with Surprise! and I'm glad they seem to have been communicated :)
Every librarian I've talked to has loved it; have even told me Surprise! has often been returned with little picture presents tucked into the pocket at the back. Marvellous