Friday, 1 May 2009

Persnickety Snark April Wrap Up

Well another month has zoomed by here at Persnickety Snark. I have officially been snarking it up for 4 months. (A blip on the radar for some of you.)

I have 100 followers and 149 subscribers.

I have reviewed 21 titles:
I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone / Stephanie Kuehnert
Guyaholic / Carolyn Mackler
All We Know of Love / Nora Raleigh Baskin
Perfect You / Elizabeth Scott
Evernight / Claudia Gray
The Lucky Ones / Tohby Riddle
The Forest of Hands and Teeth / Carrie Ryan
Tattoo / Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Top 8 / Katie Finn
Evermore / Alyson Noel
The Good Daughter / Amra Pajalic
Cindy Ella / Robin Palmer
Fate / Jennifer Lynn Barnes
13 Little Blue Envelopes / Maureen Johnson
Sisters in Sanity / Gayle Forman
Crime Time: Australians Behaving Badly / Sue Bursz...
Operation RR: Beach House (RL Stine)
Operation RR: Ten Idol (Meg Cabot)
Skim / Mariko & Jillian Tamaki
What Would Emma Do / Eileen Cook
Shrinking Violet / Danielle Joseph

I have written 3 rants:
Rory Gilmore Envy
Too Old for YA?
YA = Adult Goodliness

Made a Mini-challenge:
Operation Retirement Rescue

Initiated a charge against EW's crummy reviewing:
An Insult to YA Reviewers Everywhere

Interview - Courtney Summers
Reader's Snapshot - Jennifer Echols
Guest Blog: Jennifer Echols
Interview - Jennifer Echols
Interview - Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Reader's Snapshot - Jennifer Lynn Barnes

I haven't been posting that much the past few days as I am working on something special for my other blog, The Sarah Dessen Diarist. A big event will start on May 6 and run for an entire month. Yes, that's correct, there will be something each day of May in honour of someone all of us love. AND it will be freaking awesome!

During May, Persnickety Snark will be a largely Aussie space. I have decided to focus on Australian works for this month so be on the look out for Australian YA reviews, Aussie debut author interviews, Australian publisher interviews and other bits and pieces. Everything Down Under will be right here on PSnark.


Steph Su said...

Holy cow! You put all of us to shame with your review-writing efficiency. And that's on top of teaching! I'm impressed. Keep up the great work, Adele!

H said...

I didn't even READ that many books!

Khy said...

Adele, you make me feel like a lazy bum, even though I blogged every day last month.