Tuesday, 12 May 2009

My Extraordinary Life and Death / Doug MacLeod

Summary - What exactly is The Tight Trouser Club? Where do you buy children at bargain prices? How do you survive a father who buries you in the garden whenever you misbehave? And whom do you contact when your wife starts to shrink?
None of these questions are answered in My Extraordinary Life and Death, though what do you expect if the author is dead?
A roller-coaster of madness and surreal comedy awaits the reader brave enough to open the pages of this truly remarkable book.Based on a false story.

Review - A complete farcical romp, this book is lively and sure to appeal to children with a healthy sense of humour. MacLeod envisioned this book when he contemplated this his own life wasn't interesting enough to blog about for an Inside A Dog month stint. As such he created a new life to old, woodcut pictures with a heavy emphasis on the ridiculous and the humorous. My favourite section were the mentions of The Tight Trouser Club and the bear falling in love with him. I was chortling (and not quietly I might add.)

A definite tummy tickler!

Published: 2009
Format: Gatefold Paperback, 131 pages
Publisher: Ford Street Publishing
Origin: Australia


Unknown said...

OMG, this sounds hilarious. Must go in search of it. XO

Thao said...

Love the synopsis. I want to pick this book up asap.