Monday, 6 April 2009

Faketastic / Alexa Young

Summary -
From besties to worsties and back again . . .
Team Avalon:
For Avalon, staying on top of trends has never been a problem—until her fellow cheerleaders decide that her BFF Halley is definitely out this season. Now Avalon must choose between the frenemy who embarrassed her in front of everyone or the new friends who stood by her.
Team Halley:
Halley thinks she's got it all: her forever-friend Avalon, her new bestie Sofee, and the hottest fall wardrobe at Seaview Middle School. Her life is a total YES. But when Sofee spies Avalon flirting with Halley's crush, will it be World War Halvalon all over again?

Review - Well if you read Frenemies you would have loved it and thought that it was the best book ever. You were wrong...because super-talented Alexa Young (author of the Frenemies series) has written a sequel and it's even better!

Avalon Greene and Halley Brandon had a huge fight before and made up (yay :) but in Faketastic the girls pretend to be enemies and act like they had another fight... but end up breaking up again. The story ends on a cliffhanger when Avalon ends up with Halley's soon-to-be-boyfriend and Halley gets Avalon's dream of becoming the cheerleading captain. This book is fabulous and you won't be able to put it down because of how interesting it is - Faketastic Rocks!

I loved the characters. Each and every one of them had something good about them and after you've read the book for awhile you feel like you've known the characters for years or that they were you friend. I also loved how realistic the book is - it's about normal people, not vampires, mythical creatures, faeries, etc. When you read the book you can't decide if you like it more when the girls fight or when they're friends. They work so well as a team but they're so funny when they split because they're trying to make their ex-bestfriend jealous.

I didn't really hate anything because I loved the book and everything that was in it but I was a little annoyed when Avalon stole Halley's crush/soul mate/soon-to-be-boyfriend. Halley and Wade (Halley's crush) were meant to be together and they were such a cute couple!

You can't take sides or choose you favourite characer becasue each one is fabulous. Faketastic is a wonderful book and readers around the age of 13 or 14 will love it! It's a great read and I hope you'll get an opportunity to read it like I did because it'll put a smile on your face and a bounce in your step.

Published: 2009
Formet; Paperback, 244 pages
Publisher: Harper Teen
Origin: USA

This review was written by one of my grade eight student's, Lady Alice. Aren't I lucky with my students?


Khy said...

Can I be one of your students, Adele? xD

And I SO agree about Halley and Wade. Avalon sucks for that. :P

Senfaye said...

Awesome review!!!!!!

-Senfaye :)

Sadako said...

Sounds awesome, can't wait to read this myself.

Elizabeth said...

Nice job, Lady Alice!

I haven't read any of Alexa Young's books, but I kind of want to now that I've read a bunch of her blog and find it highly amusing.

Luisa at Chicklish said...

Thanks for the great review! I've read Frenemies but not this one, so I need to get ordering.