Saturday, 7 March 2009

Snarktress' Bookshelf

I only started receiving review copies and other novels at the end of January. So when I first started this blog I reviewed everything I had in my possession and bought quite a lot too. This is what I have been able to collect in my new (swaying) bookcase. This is my YA bookcase - ta da! (Not very glam, I know)


Alea said...

Ooooh! I love! I could look at book spines all day! Before you know it there won't be even a spot of room on those shelves!

Anonymous said...

Hey, it may not be very glam but it does the job. That looks like it could have been bought at Ikea...or K-mart perhaps?

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Love it. I'm a big fan of all these bookshelve pictures. :)


Khy said...

Your books look so tiny! xD Like, they're very short.

Janssen said...

Loving all the Sarah Dessen there - I'm on a major kick right now, reading all her stuff.

What have you done to get review books? I'd love to know more.

Adele said...

Alea - aren't they purdy? And I just remembered there's a whole heap of books that I have reviewed already in a box so technicially it is already full.

Anon. - Well someone knows me in real life lol.

Lauren - even if its a crap photo? lol

Khy - The shelves are pretty high but the other reason is in Australia books are very rarely released as hardcovers. Everything is paperback with the exception of Harry Potter. So yeah, they are tiny, baby books.

Janssen - SD sent me them when I was struggling to get them here in Oz. They are my well read, signed treasures :)

Unknown said...

Ooooh that is quite dandy :D

I was gonna do a post like this a WHILE ago, even took the pictures...yeah they're still on my camera, un-uploaded and all hehe

Anna said...

Adele. I have decided I'm buying a really expensive plane ticket to Australia to steal your books. With the bookshelves. :D