Friday, 20 March 2009

If I Stay Movie Scores Catherine Hardwicke

It's official - Catherine Hardwicke will direct the movie adaptation of If I Stay. I am near tears because I know how much Gayle believes in CH as the vehicle to bring Mia's story to the celluloid. (How do I know? We're friends - can't believe I just wrote that but she is an amazing writer but an even better email friend). So unbelievably happy!

Erik Feig, head of production at Summit says this about the appointment -
"Catherine is the first and only filmmaker we considered to direct 'If I Stay,' a book we are as crazy about as we were about 'Twilight,' " he says. "Catherine has an amazing ability to capture the youth experience. She can make the fantastical relatable and the ordinary magical. We'd never try to re-create past history, but we are thrilled about trying to re-create the environment and passion that made our last success possible."
LA Times article

Just a word of warning for grizzling Twilight fangirls who have no appreciation of Catherine's work aside from Twilight and haven't read the book - save your opinion until you are enlightened on both subjects, thanks!

Also. Gayle is my spotlighted author next week. Here you will have be able to read an interview on the book, an interview on the film developments (including today's plus casting suggestions), her reading habits and a guest blog. Stay tuned, my pretties.


Alea said...

I think this is going to make a great movie. :)

Thao said...

I have to read this book. I hope they'll show the movie here when it comes here, and after that the bookstores will be flooded with Gayle's books *dreams*

Steph Su said...

I think this will be good. I'm a huge fan of Catherine Hardwicke in Thirteen. She can definitely pull this off and make me cry rivers.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Oh, I can't wait for next week. I love Gayle. Sisters in Sanity was a great book and I'm stoke for If I Stay.

Yay for Catherine directing. Thirteen IS amazing, and one of my favorite films so I think she'll do a brilliant job. :-)


di said...

Can't wait!

Unknown said...

"If I Stay" is just a heartbreakingly beautiful novel, and I'm not sure that a movie could do it justice, but I'll definitely be looking forward to it.

HOWEVER, I don't really think CH is the right director. I do not believe she'll capture the book the right way. But I do still wish the best of luck to the team and congratulate Gayle. Can't wait to see the movie!

sheridan said...

there is a movie being made??
YES! i am so so so so so thrilled about this! i love CH's work. lords of dog town was my favorite movie of hers. exelatnly done. i can not wait to see what suprise she brings us this time. i loved tis book. i hope i love the movie as well. :)

Anonymous said...


They had better choose good music for this movie!

Anonymous said...

This book was beautifully written and is a story that really changes your perspective on life. I can truly appreciate an author that can do that.

I have only seen one movie by CH and that was Twilight which I was not too thrilled with, i dont want to see this book destroyed by a bad movie so i really hope that she can show me that she can do wayyy better than twilight. I have hope, maybe she is a great director and i havent seen her really in action but i wish her the best of luck and hope this movie makes me cry like it should.


Unknown said...