Monday 2 February 2009

Reader's Snapshot - Melina Marchetta

Straight on the heels of winning the Printz Medal (for Jellicoe Road), Melina Marchetta is dropping by Persnickety Snark to tell us her sordid reading past (not really).

Which book is the most memorable from your teen years?
Flambards. We were studying it in Year 7 and I remember someone read ahead and told everyone on the school bus the next morning about the kiss between Dick and Christina. There was hysteria.

Describe your high school English teacher in three words.
Annoyed with me.

Your book of the moment?
I’m going to have to be egocentric and chose the one I’m writing. I’ve lived and breathed Tom and his world and they’re not the easiest lot to banish.

What do you use to mark your page when reading?
Anything from a docket to a movie ticket. I dog ear as well. It’s not true that if you dog-ear books you don’t love them (according to my mother) because when I see my own novels dog-eared, I feel the love.

Favourite place to read?
In bed at night.

Favourite word?

Favourite book store?
Shearer’s bookstore, Leichhardt.

Character you wish you had created?
Eugenides from the Attolia books (Megan Whalen Turner)

Bonus Question - Angel, Riley or Spike?
(I have just re-read Saving Francesca and couldn't resist).
Certainly not Riley. The college years never work (Veronica Mars is a classic example). I’m going to go Spike because some of my favourite episodes have him in it.
Melina will be back on Wednesday with her guest blog detailing her week following her big wins. Thank you so much to Melina for kindly contributing to this blog. I am an unabashed MM adoree and knowing that she watches Buffy, Veronica Mars and writes awesome books just makes her a hat trick.

Jellicoe Road is a magical read. It is beautifully crafted with amazing characters and a mystery that dips throughout it's pages. Buy it now, I promise you will adore it.


Steph said...

Haha! MM and I share the same reading location preference :P I look forward to that guest blog, YAYY!


Just Listen said...

I'm with you on the Riley stance, never liked him. XD

I too am looking forward to the guest blog.

LisaMay said...

Ooh I will definitely check back for the guest blog.

Love the Veronica Mars reference haha, so true :)

Anonymous said...

Annoyed with me.

Ha, that's awesome! And I love that she mentions Eugenides.

Trisha, who's also looking forward to the guest blog

Ana said...

Solace -- I love that word too.

She is so AWESOME!